Holland Methodist Church

Pastor’s Corner

Methodist Heritage Month

Sisters and Brothers, It is May – Methodist Heritage Month. What do we mean by this? Heritage, of course, refers to those features that derive from the past and remain important in the present. May 1738 was the watershed moment in the lives of John and Charles Wesley, a turning point in their spiritual experience. […]

Rev. Delsol Meade

Rev'd Joan Delsol Meade

Transitioning to Lent

Sisters and Brothers, Welcome February! Time is indeed, moving on. This month we transition through the ordinary time ‘after Epiphany’ right into Lent which starts on 22nd instant. As happens every so often, MCCA Men’s Day, the Week of Prayer and World Day of Prayer will fall in Lent. What’s it about Lent that I […]


DISTRICT COUNCIL 2023PASTORAL LETTER TO THE CONGREGATIONS Dear Sisters and Brothers, We greet you in the name of our Risen Lord, Jesus the Christ. The 8th District Council, the 217th Annual Meeting of the Leeward Islands District, convened virtually with the intent to offer hope and encouragement under the theme, “Trusting God in Difficult Times: […]


Sisters and Brothers, It is Advent again. A new liturgical year has begun. Notwithstanding the changes and challenges experienced through twenty-one months of dealing with COVID-19, time moves on. We are moving toward the fulfilment of God’s plan. The Advent Hope, which we hold as Christians, is ever before us. Even now, God is calling […]

Christian Stewardship

Sisters and Brothers, A month has already gone by in the new Connexional Year! I trust that we are travelling with the Lord, from the old things to the new, as the hymnist Sydney Carter suggests we do. It is October, the month we agreed to focus on Christian Stewardship. Apart from what we will […]