Holland Methodist Church

Pastor’s Corner

Good Stewardship

Sisters and Brothers, Through God’s never-failing grace, we have arrived at the fourth and final quarter of the Connexional Year. Indeed, it has been a year of challenges, mostly those ushered in in the era of COVID with its demanding protocols. Challenging as these might have been, we must admit that it has been a […]

Rev. Delsol Meade

Rev'd Joan Delsol Meade

Trusting God In Difficult Times_2

Sisters and Brothers, We are well into the penitential season of Lent, a good time for theological reflection and deepening of our spirituality. Although we do not have in-person gatherings these days, I do sense, from your communications, that we are making the effort, both individually and corporately, to draw nearer to the Lord and […]

Trusting God in Difficult Times

We have lived through the first month of the “New Year” so that 2021 looks now, like just another year to travel with God. Now we travel through the liturgical period of “Ordinary time”- a break between Epiphany and Lent, a period which will continue after Pentecost. During the Season of Epiphany, we continue to […]

Renewing Our Covenant

Sisters and Brothers, Another year has gone by, a year like no other. Our wildest imaginations could not have prepared us for the events that we lived through during the past year, and yet, through grace, we have had passage through COVID-19 and more and have arrived at 2021. A Blessed New Year to you; […]


Sisters and Brothers, For Christians who observe the liturgical calendar, Advent marks the start of the liturgical year. The word advent comes from the Latin for coming. During this season, the church focusses on Christ’s coming. The four Sundays before the Nativity are the four Sundays of Advent which are a time of preparation for […]