Holland Methodist Church

Pastor’s Corner

On fire for Jesus?

Brothers and Sisters, Now we are into May. Methodist Heritage Month is here. Why do we pay such special attention to our rich Methodist Heritage at this time? Is it because some time way back, in May 1738 our founders John and Charles Wesley had life changing spiritual experiences that, in the Providence of God, […]

Rev. Delsol Meade

Rev'd Joan Delsol Meade

Looking Towards Resurrection

Sisters and Brothers, We look forward to the grand Festival of the Resurrection with its ever-renewing message, its many reminders of the awesome power of God who gives us victory even over the grave and hell. Notwithstanding, as we ponder how awesome God is, we may still feel that nagging sense of inadequacy, that we […]

The Penitential Season of Lent

Sisters and Brothers, We are entering the Penitential Season of Lent. As I have done in previous years, I invite us to be deliberate in paying greater attention to practical spiritual disciplines. This year, I encourage us to consider especially two disciplines that are critical to our growth as Christian disciples – the practices of […]

A Blessed New Year

Sisters and Brothers A Blessed New Year to everyone! We have made it, through grace, to the year two thousand and twenty-two! Let us press on! Indeed, God is with us. The past year with its varied experiences were full of opportunity to prove the Lord’s faithfulness and abundant love for his people. And so, […]

First Sunday of Advent – Hope

Sisters and Brothers, It is Advent again. A new liturgical year has begun. Notwithstanding the changes and challenges experienced through twenty-one months of dealing with COVID-19, time moves on. We are moving toward the fulfilment of God’s plan. The Advent Hope, which we hold as Christians, is ever before us. Even now, God is calling […]