Holland Methodist Church

Second Sunday In Advent

Second Sunday In Advent

2021 Advent Liturgy

Second Sunday in Advent
(Light the candle from last week and the second candle)

Leader           Our Advent journey of listening and waiting continues.
Response   We listen to God, and we wait for the coming of Jesus into our lives again.
Leader           As we wait, hear this promise from the prophet Isaiah;
Reader        Read Isaiah 11:1 – 2
Leader        Isaiah promised that someone was coming, someone upon whom the spirit of the Lord would rest
All                 Someone who would be wise and see that all people are treated fairly 

Prayer by All: God of peace, teach us to live in peace with one another in our homes, in our schools, in our jobs, in our community, and in our world.  Amen

Hymn VIP # 50 – 1st & 5th stanzas        My Heart and Voice I Raise

My heart and voice I raise,
To spread Messiah’s praise;
Messiah’s praise let all repeat:
The universal Lord,
By whose almighty word
Creation rose in form complete.

Hail, Saviour, Prince of peace!
Your kingdom shall increase,
Till all the world your glory see,
And righteousness abound
As the great deep profound,
And fill the earth with purity.

Leader:  For today and the rest of the week, let us think about rules for peaceful living in our homes, our community, and the world.