Holland Methodist Church

My Missions 2021 Project

My Missions 2021 Project

Sisters and Brothers,

I have embarked on a project which meets two needs:

  1. It helps me with stress relief as I engage in something leisurely.
  2. It can and will, hopefully, raise funds towards Missions 2021.

Be part of My 2021 Missions Project by ordering a macrame plant hangerone-tier (for one planter pot) or two-tiered (for 2 planters). The funds raised will be added to the Missions Fund of the congregation of the purchaser. In other words, if you are from Rotterdam, your purchase goes to Rotterdam Missions; if you are from Amsterdam, your purchase goes to Amsterdam Missions.

I have added some photos to show you what you can have; but bear in mind that you can have a plant hanger which is like no one else’s. The single planter ones start at €15.00 (without a planter pot) or € 20.00 (with pot). The double planter starts at € 20.00 (without a planter pot) or € 25.00 (with a pot).

You can also purchase your pot and get a hanger made to match it.

Kind regards,
Rev. Joan Delsol Meade