Holland Methodist Church

First Sunday In Advent

First Sunday In Advent

2021 Advent Liturgy

First Sunday in Advent
(The first candle is lit.)

Leader           Today we begin our Advent journey, a time of listening and waiting,
Response   We listen to God, and we wait for the coming of Jesus into our lives again.
Leader           As we wait, hear this promise from the prophet Isaiah
Reader        Scripture Reading: Isaiah 2:1 – 5
Leader           Isaiah brought the promise of a day when all people will go to the mountain of the Lord
Response   There, God will teach us how to live
Leader           God will decide what is right

Prayer by All: God of promise, help us to wait for the fulfilling of your promise in the coming of Jesus

Hymn VIP# 342       Walk in the Light

1. Walk in the light: so shall you know
That fellowship of love
His Spirit only can bestow,
Who reigns in light above.

2. Walk in the light: and you shall find
Your heart made truly his
Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined,
In whom no darkness is.

3. Walk in the light: and you shall own
Your darkness passed away,
Because that Light has on you shone
In which is perfect day.

4. Walk in the light: and e’en the tomb
No fearful shade shall wear;
Glory shall chase away its gloom,
For Christ has conquered there.

5. Walk in the light: he’ll guide you through
A path, though thorny, bright,
For God, by grace, shall dwell in you,
And God himself is Light.


Leader         Isaiah invited the people to “walk in the light of the Lord,” to live the way God wanted them to live. What are the sources of light in our world today?
Our light can be a candle, a lantern, the sun, or any kind of light we may want to think of.  Let us think up of ways we can “walk in the light of the Lord”
by living the way God wants us to live today and the rest of the week.