Holland Methodist Church



The introduction to “A Call to Prayer & Fasting 7-Day Daniel Fast” can be read by clicking here

Tuesday, 3rd
Scripture: Psalm 42: 1-11
Meditation Theme: A hunger and thirst

Prayer Focus:
Aruba Circuit – Greater commitment to the mission of the church, Prayer for the Youth and Young Adults, Prayer for those experiencing illness and those who have lost loved ones.
Curaçao Circuit : 75th anniversary of the Methodist witness on this island (1945-2020), Operations of the Oil Refinery & socio-economic implications, Movement & efforts towards the legalization of homosexuality on the island, Political Crisis in Venezuela resulting in Refugees to the island, Hosting of 6th Leeward Islands District Council, National economic situation – austerity plans of Government, Youth unemployment, Youth Drug Abuse, Rise in atheism amongst teachers in VPCO (Methodist associated) schools.
Holland Circuit – celebrations marking 30 years of Ministry – beginning with an Anniversary Service on Sunday 1st September, 2019 and ending with a closing service on Sunday 30th August 2020. That during the year – Every Class increases its active membership by three souls, that each congregation increases its active membership by three persons, one for every ten years / Pray for the smooth transition for the church from the status of an Informal Association to ( Kergenootschapa Church that will be reflected in spiritual growth, and a more effective community outreach / Enlisting of ‘Andrews’ (Operation Andrew).

Teaching Ministry of the Church – Sunday School, Confirmation Class, Bible Study, Day School / After School care – for the establishment of a Methodist School where it doesn’t exist.

Suggested Menu

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Fruits/Soup Fruits Fruits/Soup Fruits Soup Fruits Fruits/Soup
Lunch Cooked
Soup Green Salad/
Sautéed Vegetables
of Choice
Fruits &
Tomatoes, Cucumber
Fruits, Bread, Soup & Baked Potato
Dinner Soup Garden Salad Sautéed Vegetables
of Choice
Soup Garden Salad Baked Potato
& Carrot
Soup Soup
Snack Fruit Salad Almonds/
Dried Fruits Nuts Soup Raisins & Peanuts Almonds/

Fruits & Vegetables can be fresh, dried, frozen, juiced or canned.
Nuts & Seeds – including but not limited to cashews, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame.
Foods can be cooked or used in their natural state.
Water & Tea (preferably bush tea).

This Menu is only given as a guide (suggested menu) items can be substituted based on availability, so you are free to make adjustments as and when necessary.
N.B.: The Fast is as far as possible free from ‘Rich Foods’. Soups should be free of meat. Notice that bread is only on the last day as a transition.