MISSION- That’s Who We Are

Sisters and Brothers,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who commissions us as his disciples to reach others for his sake.

We are once again into Missions Month- July. It cannot be overemphasised that the missional task is the reason for our being the church. Mission for Christ is the central, the focal purpose of Christian believers in community.

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘There she goes again with this Missions thing.’ Yes, there I go again because I really want us to understand that getting involved in mission is not an option for those who seek to serve Christ, as we claim to.

As we follow Jesus and get to know the Lord better, and become more like him, it is also important that we make Christ known in the many ways that the Holy Spirit enables us to.

As we mark what is called “Ordinary Time” in the liturgical calendar, we have the assurance that the Lord who promised to be with us always, sends us into ordinary situations to make a difference so that the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

As one hymnist put it, “The cup of water given for thee still holds the freshness of thy grace.” So, in the very actions that we perform, sometimes simple ones, we become instruments through which God’s blessing flows to others. The Rotterdam sisters who serve in the food kitchen at Ronald MacDonald Huis will tell you so. Their work is supported by others who donate the money needed to do this good work. The key when we engage in such ministries, is working with the intention of giving God the glory rather than claiming the praise for us. When we are obedient and keep this charge- to glorify God, the rest is up to the Omniscient, Omnipotent One who knows every heart and how to move it. True, not everyone who is served responds positively. That’s a fact of life. Out of the ten lepers Jesus healed, one remembered to give thanks. But focus on the truth that someone will respond to God’s grace; and that is encouragement enough to participate in actions support the church’s mission.

Our words too, can be as profitable as our actions.  If we are alert to the nudging of God’s Spirit who lives in us, then we become more aware of situations in which we can make a positive difference, for God’s sake. Everyday happenings such as conversations provide us opportunities to share faith. And mark you, sharing faith does not necessarily involve preaching a sermon. It is simply confidently and joyfully, making our boast in the Lord who does wondrous things. Through speaking, we can inspire others to faith.

We often make the mistake of thinking that people will not listen to us, forgetting that when directed by God’s Spirit we have the prophetic promise that the Lord’s word will not be empty of effect (Isaiah 55:11). If we are led by the Spirit of God, then our faith declarations, our boasting of the Lord will bear fruit. Be confident that it will accomplish God’s purpose.

This realisation will drive us into faith sharing, sometimes in simple ways such as inviting persons to church. If you are part of the Amsterdam Congregation, then welcome the opportunity to engage in visits that have been planned.

In our own way, each one of us can respond faithfully to the call to reach others for the Lord. We have the Lord’s command. We have the promise- of God’s presence and power available to us, and we know the difference that knowing God makes to us. Let us be loving and share the faith to the glory of God.

Yours in his service
Joan Delsol Meade