Mission Lord’s Day

Sisters and Brothers,

Through grace, we have made it, almost to the end of another Connexional Year. As always, the course of events has been unpredictable. This year, however, we witnessed in unprecedented fashion, how changeable life’s situations can be. And we have, hopefully recognised how God’s provision surfaces at the turn of every change.

Yes, in the past, we have had services recorded and replayed on our website. Sure we have had a few livestreamed; but who would have guessed that with the quick notice of discontinuation of worship at Rotterdam (from where we had hoped to stream from 22nd March) that our make-shift altar at Zoetermeer would have served through Holy Week and every Lord’s Day, until the end of July, to keep us seeking together God’s face, receiving God’s word, sharing in the Lord’s Supper, and building each other up in faith?

It should not surprise us then that we can improve on the promise made last month to livestream only on certain Lord’s Days. We can improve on the promise that we could join the Amsterdam Congregation online two Sundays per month. Thanks be to God who has enabled our technicians to use the means at our disposal. Although we do not have the most sophisticated videography equipment, although we do not yet have what we need to livestream from Rotterdam, through grace we’ve upped the promise to deliver livestreamed services every Sunday of the month! The first four Sundays, worship will be streamed from Amsterdam and on the fifth Sunday, our closing Anniversary Service will be streamed from Rotterdam.

We’ve come this far by faith, knowing that God will not fail us. Let us respond in faith by dedicating all that we have and are to God’s service. Let us invest our trust, our talents and our treasures in the things of God.

It is only fitting that we observe Missions Lord’s Day this month. Let us avail ourselves to be partners in Missions. The Lord who has brought us thus far awaits requests our partnership in showing and telling of God’s love, using all the means at our disposal. May we be faithful to our stated mission.

To improve the life of the community by strengthening the commitment of our members to become mature and fruitful disciples who spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others, leading them to become productive Christian disciples.

As we endeavour, together, to embrace and to live out this Mission, may the Lord’s name be ever praised.

Yours in Christ,
Joan Delsol Meade