Holland Methodist Church

Youth & Young Adults

Youth and young adults, aged 15 through 35, in the Holland Circuit are members of MCCA Youth. Their representative to the
Leeward Islands District MCCA Youth & Young Adults Commission is Sis. Pauline Rachuene, a young adult from the Rotterdam Congregation.

In both the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Congregations, young people play a leading role in worship on the third Lord’s Day of each month. The participants conduct worship, read the scripture lessons, lead prayers and give special dance, speech and/or song renditions. The photographs posted show them playing various leading roles.

At Rotterdam, In Rotterdam, the children are also involved in this. Plans there to start a Youth Choir were frustrated by the onset of COVID-19. However, two of the children, TiShona Petronia and Valencia Cranston have shared recorded music for livestream worship during the pandemic. Sisters Radiquah and Rodoykah Richardson have also been regular singers for this project. They have rendered solos, duets and sometimes sang along as part of their musical family.

Youth and young adults throughout the MCCA are guided by the motto Setting examples in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. The third Lord’s Day of November is observed as MCCA Youth & Young Adults Lord’s Day.