Holland Methodist Church

Our Ministries


October is Ministries Month, it underscores, as well as celebrates the fact that all believers, the people of God, (laos) by their baptism, have a place of service in the life of the Church and beyond, and are part of the general ministry of the Church.

The Priesthood of All Believers – The General Ministry of the Church
The Methodist Church affirms its belief in the “Priesthood of all Believers.” In the church, every single believer has the same relationship with God in as much as each exercise a different function. Hence, ministry is the stewardship of the whole church.

The faithful church is the ministering church where every single Christian is a participant in the work of ministry.

Ministry: A Gift of the Holy Spirit
It cannot be denied that ministry is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the church and it is the responsibility of the people of God to witness to the saving power of God in Jesus Christ to the world.

Ministry then becomes possible when the body of Christ is bestowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and having been equipped, persons receive and positively respond to the call of ministry. This means that all Christians are ministers in their own right and forms of ministry are exercised.

It must be emphasized that Ministry Month in the MCCA is not only a focus on the orders of ministry but the forms of ministry within the Christian community.

Areas of Ministry can be found both within and outside the church. Within the church some of the areas of ministry, include, ushering, decorating the church, music and choir, secretarial assistance, Sunday School teaching, property care, visitation, care of others, etc.

How will you Serve?  John Maxwell an American pastor, coach, speaker and author with focus on leadership reminds us of the following:

God can help us be the best we can be … you are special, and you have a mission in your life
                which no one else can accomplish… each person is gifted and specially created for a cause and
                we should utilise our giftedness and uniqueness and unleash the potential which God gave us.
                (From A Minute with Maxwell John Maxwell).

 How will you Serve your church?