Holland Methodist Church


Preacher's Accreditation Service

The Methodist Church trains its preachers for the Ministry they are called to exercise.

When someone senses within himself or herself an inner desire to preach, or if someone else (a Preacher or other Leader in the church) feels led to encourage a member to preach, that person goes through a process of preparation.

As a first step, the person known as a Candidate, receives “ä Note to assist Local Preachers.” This note lasts for 3 months and can be renewed for a further 3 months during which time the Candidate participates in the conduct of worship. He/ she has the opportunity to test what was sensed as a call to preach, and his/ her leadership of worship is noted.

The next step is to be received as a Preacher on Trial. The Preacher on Trial must comply with the church’s discipline through a life of worship, discipleship, fellowship and service. In addition, the preacher must complete courses of study in Old Testament, New Testament, Worship & Preaching, Christian Doctrine 1 and Christian Doctrine 2 (Christian Church & Methodism). At the same time, the Circuit Preachers Meeting continually assesses that Preacher’s leadership of worship, as well as construction and delivery of sermons.

Hen these courses have been completed, the Preacher is examined orally and he/ she must reflect on his/her conversion to Christ and the Call to Preach before being recommended for accreditation as a Preacher in the MCCA.

At the end of this process, an Accreditation Service is held.

The last Preacher to be accredited in the Holland Circuit is Sister Bregina Petroniua. Here are snapshots from her Sis. Petronia Accreditation Service.


Superindendent Minister

Rev. Dr. Joan A. Delsol Meade


Local Preacher

Bro. Alfred Glasgow


Local Preacher

Bro. Lescard Thomas

Lords Day 83

Local Preacher

Sis. Bregina Petronia

Preachers on trial

The last two preachers who received ä Note to Assist Local Preachers” were Sisters Pauline Rachuene and S. A. Christopher. They have since been received as Preachers on Trial.

Here are their biographies, and a sermon from Sis. Rachuene.


Preacher on Trial

Sis. Pauline Rachuene


Preacher on Note

Bro. Mattijs Duyzer