Holland Methodist Church

Preacher on Trial S. Christopher

Sharlene A. Christopher, who answers to the name Sashjah was born on the 24th of December 1970 in the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis and was baptised an Anglican.

At the tender age of 11, she migrated to the neighbouring island of St. Eustatius, where she was placed in the care of family van Putten who were Methodist.

In 1988 she was confirmed in Membership and received into the full membership of the Bethel Methodist Church on the island.

In 1991 she migrated to the island of Curacao to purse studies in Nursing. After her studies she stayed on the island until 2003 when she migrated to The Hague, Netherlands to specialize in her nursing career. She continues to reside in the Hague where she works at a psychiatric hospital.

She also has a bachelor in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Drugs Counselling.

Sashjah is a single mother of two adult children, one male and one girl.

Her journey towards becoming a preacher started at a very young age when she would attend any Pentecostal Sunday School near her and take part in different activities at the churches. Every Sunday she listened to the preaching of Shambach and the biographical stoy programme Unshackled, which she dramatized in church or at school. She had a dream of becoming a preacher.

After moving to St. Eustatius, and attending The Methodist Church, her dream waned. At her tender age, she did not find the church lively enough and she only tugged along because it was a must. From her point of view, there was no one there to be a mentor, no one whose life she wanted to mirror.

The desires started to return when she started music classes with the late Ann-Lee Knoblock, joined the Young Adults Group and The 1st St. Eustatius Girls ‘Brigade.

Then somewhere along the process, she felt the “aha moment”. It was when The Methodist Church had open air services. She can remember Rev’d Livingston Malcolm who visited and preached at conducted the services. She called him, “the small man with the big voice”. He brought back her motivation.  She thought, “ if he’s small and he can do it, I can do it too”.

While living on Curacao, she took part in various Christian activities. She led the choruses and was an active member of the Youth Group and The Girls’ Brigade.

In 1993, being pregnant out of wedlock, she was placed on probation until May 2017 during the tenure of Rev’d Dr. Keith B. Lewis, the then Superintendent Minister of the Holland Circuit, when she was reinstated as a member in good standing.

She was asked many times to take part in the church worship, but her words were always, “I’m not a member, I’m still on probation”, until Rev’d. Dr Joan. Delsol Meade approached her in church on December 2018.

She was taken by the hand and led to the back of the church, where she was told, “The Spirit told me that I need to speak to you as a potential candidate for leading worship and preaching in the church”. This time she said, “OK, I am appointed for the so many times, now I feel anointed.” SHOULD THAT BE appointed or DISAPPOINTED?

Her journey has begun.

As she travels this journey, may God grant her the strength to stay firm in the Lord to do the work he has called her to do.

Lord mold her and shape her into your image. Amen.