Holland Methodist Church

Preacher on Trial P. Rachuene

I am the first born of Mrs. E.N Mohlala and the late Mr. N.J Mohlala. I was born and bred in South Africa and now consider myself a Global Citizen. As a child, I was raised in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA). Losing my dad at a tender age of 12 (almost 13) after a car accident, I matured pretty quickly. Through my dad’s passing (up-to-today) I saw and experienced God’s faithfulness. I learnt the meaning of and developed stubborn faith.

I moved from the MCSA Sunday school (Milk Guild) and joined confirmation class. I really started to understand what God meant what He said that He is the father of orphans. I realized that we only manage to wake up and face each day because the God of yesterday, is the God of today and will be there waiting in my tomorrow. God has always provided for our needs through church members, friends and family.

I joined the MCSA young people’s movement called “Wesley Guild”. A movement that has molded me and shaped me through the revivals, all night prayers, youth services and youth camps to become the woman I am today. The Wesley Guild is guided by the 4C’s: Consecration, Community Development, Creativity and Comradeship (I have led the Circuit in two of the 4C’s). Young people worship God in a youthful manner while making an impact in the community. September is youth month in the MCSA, young people will be leading most services this month and Wesley Guilders will be re-affirming their oath, an oath which I have always lived by (and still do). “I Sister Pauline Rachuene, desire by the grace of God, to live and lead a Christian life and to take an active part in promoting the aims and the objectives of the Wesley Guild. To Go, Unite, Inspire, Love and Develop. One Way. One Heart.”

I have taught (and still teaching) Children ministry for a total of 10 years (in SA, UK and now NL) but 2019 I answered a call far beyond Sunday school, one that I could not put to it to “voicemail” anymore. I realize that my international work placements have been more than work relocations but God moving me out of my comfort zone to serve where He needs and wants me. I joined the Rotterdam congregation in May 2018, which was a great feeling to be joining once again a Methodist family. As my Dutch improved, I felt I could now also teach Sunday school. Spending time with young people and teaching them about our Lord and Savior is priceless. Their view on life is one at times that also gets the adults to have a bit of a think.