Becoming Vulnerable For Christ

It was raining “cats and dogs”.  We had just concluded the launch of Operation S.A.V.E 50. In keeping with Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of political independence and our District sub-theme to “Nurture the Children: Build the Kingdom” the 27 Methodist Circuits in Jamaica are asked to make every effort to S.A.V.E. (Secure, Appreciate, Value, Encourage) at least 50 children during September 2012 to August 2013.  Hundreds were gathered in Providence Methodist Church for the project launch.

The rain was getting heavier. I observed two ladies standing close to each other. “Are you awaiting your transportation?” I asked. “No Rev! We came with the bus but cannot go out to the bus stop”, was the reply. “Where are you from?” I asked. One said, “Waterhouse”.  It was now past 8:00 p.m. “Come, I will take you home” I said. “Can you carry all of us”? she asked. “How many of you”? I enquired. “Thirteen” was the reply.  The trunk was packed with stuff so with eleven children on the back seat and two adults and I in the front we set out.

It was a frightening ordeal. The journey was long, frightening, adventurous and dangerous.  A few times I panicked, sang, prayed and questioned the wisdom of embarking upon such a journey in this context. On reaching Three Miles I was forced to stop. The water was too high, the vehicle shutting off and water entering the vehicle. Fearing the worse we paid some men to push us across the deep. After more scary moments it was home sweet home for my passengers and much, much later for myself.

I have learnt a few crucial lessons for life. Don’t refuse to ask questions of adults or children who appear to need help. When I ask I must be willing to do something depending on the circumstances. Sometimes helping others can make us vulnerable.

Christianity teaches us that saving others can result in pain and suffering. The hymn says: “We may not know we cannot tell what pains he had to bear; but we believe it was for us he hung and suffered there”. To S.A.V.E. our children will require some questions, faithfulness, sacrifice and vulnerability. To S.A.V.E our children demands that we learn to follow our spirit and not our intellect.  This does not mean we are going to be foolhardy. When the water was too much on one road I turned and used another and when it was too high and getting into the car I stopped and asked men pushed us across. That was wise and obedient to the spirit.

Christians are often required to embrace vulnerability for the glory of Christ and the wellbeing of others. Ministry will often take us into unfamiliar places and beyond our comfort zone. The Bible and Christian history is replete with examples of the vulnerability of servants of God.

THOUGHT:               Is God requiring vulnerability of you

PRAYER FOCUS:    For faith to believe God is with us in our vulnerable moments.