Holland Methodist Church

Month: June 2023

Mission of Transformation

Sisters and Brothers,

We have started the final quarter of the 2022-23 Connexional Year. Indeed, time flies! How much better memories of the flight when we know that we have been good stewards of the grace that saw us through these past months.

And if our stewardship leaves much to be desired, then let us remember that today is the best day to start cooperating with God’s Spirit so that we become and we deliver what the Lord requires of us. It is the best way to prepare for the days, weeks, and the year ahead.

As we do, we pay greater attention to the opportunities that present themselves as we focus on Children’s Lord’s Day and MCCA Women’s Lord’s Day which the church sets in June and Father’s Day set by the wider community. These all bring family to mind, which brings me to the question, “have we been diligent in witnessing to our families, proclaiming in word and in deed, the gospel of God’s love for humankind? Where situations have been demanding, have we considered the call to trust God through it all and live out the District’s theme Trusting God in Difficult Times: transforming obstacles into opportunities?

In July, we will hold mission rallies. It’s time to seriously consider and reconsider the church’s mission: It is meant to be more that just a statement on our bulletins:

Our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Christ, equip God’s people for witness and service, and work to holistically transform the lives of all people in the Caribbean, the Americas and beyond, across geographical, cultural, and linguistic borders.

 It is only as we take this God-given mission seriously, make the effort to grow as disciples who engage in witness and service for the sake of our Lord, that we will be transformed as persons and we will play a part in the transformation of others and the wider society of which we are part.

We often affirm that Methodism was raised up by God for the transformation of society. Then let us play our part in this mission of transformation. We start with giving of ourselves, then of our resources, including money so that the church’s missionary activities are funded.


Yours in God’s service
Joan Delsol Meade, Pastor